Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Redesign: Editing and enhancing what you already have!

Beautifying spaces is my true passion. I love transforming homes for sale, homes for living and stores for selling. There are various ways to change the look of  homes as I see it...
Staging is the art and science of preparing a home for sale
Redesign is using what clients have and editing it to make it even better.
Interior decorating involves creating total looks--from furniture to accessories.
Interior design is designing the whole space--from the floors, to the windows, to the walls and everything in-between.
My focus, passion and experience is really with staging, redesign and interior decorating.
I find that many people have a difficult time with the finishing touches that really pull a room together. For me, it is important to see where the homeowner wants to go and then to take it to the next level. I recently worked with an amazing client, Cindy, to accessorize her space. Cindy wanted me to “finish off” her entryway, great room, master bedroom and master bathroom. Her main pieces, including most art and furniture, were already purchased. Much of her art had purple in it so we used that as our jumping- off point!
(The before pictures were, unfortunately, snapped with my iphone for my own reference so they are not taken from the right angles, etc. Only later did I decide I wanted to show some before photos.  I can’t tell you how often I get started on a job before taking the before pictures-- happens all the time! I just get too excited.)
Entryway Before:
Entryway After: This wallpaper was purchased from Home Depot believe it or not! It gives the entryway some serious interest and really draws the eye to the 9 foot ceilings.

Sitting Area Before:
Sitting Area After:
New purple drapery, dark pillows and a beautiful grey shag rug add texture and dimension. The chrome side table is one of my favourites from Urban Barn. The ottoman was another great find at Bouclair. It’s functional and looks good too.  The blingly chandelier lamp was also a Bouclair Purchase.

Dining Area Before:

Dining Area After: These custom, upholstered cornice boxes are a modern shape, helping  to bring more color into the room.  (Note: the vases will be finished with some modern twigs.)
Living Room Before:
Living Room After:
Custom drapery on the main large window makes a statement here! Another modern area shag rug grounds the space and defines it.  Purple pillows from Urban Barn add more texture and color.  The fireplace wall was painted a darker shade to draw more attention to it. Two new side lamps, found by the client, add much needed lower level lighting.
Master Bedroom Before:
Master Bedroom After:

Cindy purchased a King sized bed and new bedding which is why the space looks so much different! I found these two awesome lamps (only one showing here- they are flanking the bed) with light purple shades at Home Sense. I purchased the framed art at Chintz and Co (ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STORES!). The drapery was another great find at Bouclair!

Master Bathroom Before: (I think this is my favourite part!)
Master Bathroom After:
The towels, chrome vase, towel bar, candle and stand and soap dispenser, were all great finds at Home Sense--all on one lucky afternoon.  The art with all the right colors and the perfect size was another Bouclair find. I found the dramatic damask backed velvet chair at Pier One.
One more time…Master Bathroom Before:
Master Bathroom After:

What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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