Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Sale Tree Left Behind..

Attention stagers and home owners alike! Michael's has some great sales on faux trees... Faux trees- who cares right? For regular decorating, I agree- fake plants don't sound so hot BUT  for home staging (preparing your home to sell), faux plants/ trees are a must.

Great faux greenery
- Gives life to a space
- Adds natural colors
- Brings the outdoors in
- Can encourage buyers to look outside (Which is great when the surrounding area is a selling feature... if it  looks onto a shadey alleyway however-- consider drawing the sheers.)

Anyways I picked up as much as my car could handle... unfortunately it had some other things in it for a job that were taking up half of my trunk.  I managed to get 3 great looking trees for great prices. My favorite (the palm) was on sale for $80.00- STEAL of a deal. The other two were much less expensive and are more traditional looking. I will be changing their pots to black ones shortly.

Speaking of my car and its trunk.. A new SUV coming soon for me! I am getting a Volkswagen Tiguan. I wasn't quite sold on it (they don't make it in a standard with all wheel drive ) until the sales lady showed me that not only do the back seats go down, but the front passenger seat does as well. I will never have to leave a tree on sale behind again!

I like the grey and brown. What color do you like?


  1. I like both! Go for it lady!

  2. The top one...definitely! You'll have to take me for a ride!!