Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Out of the trunk

This weekend I finally emptied my trunk... I have had numerous items follow me home over the past week. I hadn't bothered to take them all out of my car because I had no chance to organize my storage space until now.  I have got to admit though- I sure was nervous parking anywhere with so many items in my car, just a window break away from being stolen... Looking back on this, what thief would really be interested in a tortoise print blown glass vase?

I removed most of what had followed me home (usually I get these sorts of tag-a-longs from Home Sense) and took a few photos of some of them. I did find other items in the trunk, however, that made me think to myself—how did that come home with me? These items are heading back today to find someone new to adopt them.

So here a few of the great items that did make it out of the trunk. (Please pardon the photos poorly taken with my iphone).

This vase was a steal of a deal!
Though these square canvases aren't anything too special, they are perfect for staging. They will add color without distracting buyers.
These awesome candle holders were also a great deal. Unfortunately I only bought 2 of the 4 they had. I later went back to take home the other 2 but of course they were sold!
I just loved this turquoise vase and had to get a little art to go with it.
Silk pillow covers, orchids, shower curtains, throw pillows, wall art- Oh my!

Who knows what will follow me home this week!

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