Friday, November 2, 2012

Sold in North Glenora

One of my favorite projects over the past few months was this home in North Glenora. It had some neat bones-- refinished hardwood, a funky kitchen with a retro vibe, plaster walls-- which can I just say-- can really cause a person grief when trying to hang art! These walls however were the "nice" type that didn't give me grief this time. The project was challenging because the budget was tight. When a homeowner decides not to do my full list of recommendations but rather asks for a skinny version, it is difficult to prioritize what will make the most impact. I want EVERY room to make an impact. But when given these sorts of situations I must choose; the entrance (first impression), main living space and the master bedroom.

I didn't do proper before pictures unfortunately but have a few snap shots from my first visit. Snap shots are pictures I snag to remind myself of certain things. (I also write notes on a consultation case you were curious and my memory is great for other peoples homes).

Before Snap Shots 


It is amazing what some art and accessories can do. This home is SOLD now with the new home owners all moved in!

My husband and I move into our new home November 14th and I am getting more than a little excited to get it all decorated! I will have to post some pictures.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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