Monday, December 19, 2011

The Post-Staging Feeling!

It is funny how I fall in love with a property after I have staged it.

I am rarely drawn to a vacant property when I first walk through the door.  I visit vacant properties to calculate a staging cost; going from room to room, taking measurements and scribbling down what furniture and art is necessary. I have never thought to myself that I would want to buy the property, pre-staging....

After we have worked our magic and staged the property- I suddenly want it! Even though I can picture what a room would look like before it is staged, I don’t get that urge to buy the property until it is staged. It works on me every time! It is the post-staging feeling- and it is why I love my job and why I know staging works!

Here is a shot of a room we staged recently. Unfortunately the movers beat me there. When I arrived this room was filled with boxes of accessories and all sorts of furniture for different rooms- so there is no before picture. Still I think you can imagine what this very panelled room looked like before.
By adding the light rug and dark furniture, the wash of wood tones is broken up. Wood panelling suddenly looks cool! Even I changed my mind about it!
The chaise lounge and the starburst mirror have an updated retro-feel that really works in the space.
If only this property were still on the market- I could be loving and living in this wood panelled roomJ.

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  1. My favorite room for sure! I've totally changed my mind about wood panelling simply because of this post. Wish I lived here!!